Senin, 07 Juni 2010

Clipper Decompiler include Clipper Summer 87

Source Code Recovery System
receive services program DECOMPILE
returns a compiled executable using a PRG Clipper 5.x (Source).
This site is addressed to you the developer of a program that uses CA Clipper 5.x who have lost their source code,
your program that have been compiled into an EXE, but you lose the PRG (Source) it.
decompile service provision:
- Program is compiled using CA Clipper 5.x
- Program your own property.
- We are not liable for copyright or any program related to the violations in the future.
- Source decompile the library is compatible with STANDARD: CLIPPER.LIB and EXTEND.LIB
- If the program uses an external obj, then we do not decompile the OBJ.

- Make sure the program compiled with CA Clipper 5.x,
Can you check using VAU program which you can download here (zip). or here (EXE).
examples from the Command Prompt:


will show the results:

Valkyrie Analysis Utility, Version 2:05
Copyright (c) 1993 SoundView Data Systems. All rights reserved.

Searching MENU.EXE .......................................
Compiler is Clipper 5.x
Linker is Blinker 2.x

- Submit your EXE file via e-mail,
COMPRESS your files first suggested in ZIP,
all EXE and data (with the folder), attach the scanned proof of bank transfer.
sent to

- Submit a fee of IDR 1.000.000, - (one million rupiah) its about US$ 100 to the account:
Bank Name: Bank Syariah Mandiri (BSM) Branch Purwokerto
Account Number: 177 000 7684
On behalf of: YANTO

- The source will be sent to you via your email.

very easy and simple.

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